How To Make Easy Cash Online For FREE

By | January 4, 2009

While the methods of making easy money online for free aren’t going to allow you to get rich quick, they are all great ways to make extra cash. All of these easy money making options have the potential to be scaled up and earn you a nice extra income but you need to be willing to put in the work in order to do so. So, without any more delay let’s see how exactly you can start making easy money online for free (check out the easiest method out there here).

Making Easy Cash Online With “Get Paid To” Sites

Get paid to sites are basically sites that pay you money in order to fill out free offers and surveys. However, it is also possible to make some very good money through referrals. Combining these two opportunities is a great way to make money online for free with ease. Here are some of the best get paid to sites that people are using right now to earn easy cash on the internet.


CashCrate is the most popular get paid to site around and for good reason. There are over 20k members making easy money online with CashCrate and hundreds more are joining each and every day.

There are hundreds of top paying offers for you to make some easy cash with and new ones are added all of the time. If you really want to start making some simple cash on the internet then CashCrate is the best place to start.

Here are some of the outstanding features that CashCrate has to offer:

  • You Get $1 Just For Signing Up
  • There Are Hundreds Of High Paying Offers For You To Make Money With
  • The Payout Is Only $20
  • You Get Access To FREE Advice From The User Forum Which Features Over 20k Members
  • You Get 20% Of Each Of Your Referral’s Earnings And 20% Of Their Referral’s Earnings
  • When One Of Your Referrals Earns Just $10 You Get An Additional $3

CashCrate is the real deal when it comes to making quick and easy money on the internet for free. Tons of people are already making a killing using CashCrate. Don’t take my word for it though. Click here to visit the official CashCrate website and check out the user forums where people are showing off their big fat checks everyday.


While TreasureTrooper is very easy to make cash online with, it isn’t as popular as CashCrate is. Yes, there are a lot of high paying offers on TreasureTrooper but it really doesn’t offer anything that is better than CashCrate. However, there are a few unique features to TreasureTrooper.

Here are some ways that TreasureTrooper is different from CashCrate:

  • Offers A Unique Take On Making Easy Money Online By Offering Games And Prizes
  • Offers Payment By PayPal
  • Has A VIP Club For Those Who Have Earned Over $500

All in all, TreasureTrooper is a great way to make some cash online. It just isn’t as popular as CashCrate and it doesn’t offer as much potential for huge earnings.

You should still definitely check it out though and visit the thriving community. Click here to see the official website and check out the forums to find out just how much money people are making using TreasureTrooper.


The last get paid to site that is worth checking out is called…well, it’s called GetPaidTo. GetPaidTo isn’t nearly as popular as CashCrate or TreasureTrooper but it still offers a solid way of making easy money.

The best feature of GetPaidTo is the fact that there is no minimum cash threshold. Once you verify your account you can start filling out offers and making cash instantly either through PayPal or through a check. If you need fast money through PayPal then this website is your best bet.

Click here to start making some instant cash through PayPal right now.

Use All Of These Websites To Make Some Serious Cash Online

Remember, all of these websites are completely free to join and start making some easy money online. Any one of these websites will allow you to make money but if you had to choose only one you should probably go with CashCrate. However, the best option would be to sign up with all three in order to start making the most money possible.

Make Easy Money Online Uploading Files

In addition to using get paid to sites in order to make money, uploading files is also another great way to earn some easy cash online. Keep on reading to find out about the best opportunity for making money through uploads. Is The Best “Get Paid To Upload” Service

If you really want to make fast money online and you want to do it through uploading files then there is no better option than

You get paid $10 for every 1000 unique downloads over 1 mb. Now, this may not seem like a lot but when you put things into perspective you will see the potential here. All you need to do in order to get downloads is post on forums with a link in your signature to an enticing free download.

That is just one of the many easy ways of getting a ton of downloads. If you want to make truly easy money online then it would be a mistake to pass this opportunity up.

Click here to see for yourself what a great opportunity this is.